Up for adoption:

Adopt Pitufo


  • Born 1999
  • Alpha Male of Celeste's
  • Handi-capable
Adopt Dali


  • Born 2001
  • Alpha Female of Abby's
  • "Little Princess"
Adopt Chaos


  • Born 2002
  • Tragic family history
  • First female to join a new group

Adopt-a-Monkey Program

Chaos Chaos posing for the camera Chaos carrying her baby


Chaos had a difficult childhood. Her mother was always running away from bad “boyfriends” and so she rarely had other monkeys her age to play with. There were several tragic losses in her family, as her matriline separated from its social group twice. Finally, after losing all her adult female relatives, she became the first female capuchin monkey to ever migrate to a new group.

Please go to her facebook page here to learn more background about her life and send her a friend request.

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These monkeys are completely wild. The researchers and assistants documenting these monkeys do not attempt to interfere with their natural behaviors and the behaviors of the other animals they encounter. Please note that life in nature is not always pleasant. If you are subscribing on behalf of your children, we recommend the "Kid Approved" content subscription in the drop down menu. Both versions of the Facebook subscriptions will receive the same amount of posts and insight into these charcters lives, but some details and pictures will be censored that may too graphic for children.