How Can I Help?

The management of a long-term research project requires much assistance from people of diverse talents. Given the sad state of public science funding, no research project can last long without the help of a large group of volunteers and private donors. Below we detail the kinds of assistance that would be useful contributions to the project’s goals.  Be aware that some of these volunteer positions are far more popular than others, and despite our great appreciation of any offer of help, we cannot always find ways to use all volunteers, at least not at the time they initially offer their services. In such cases we will keep your contact information on file for the future, when we hope to find a better fit between our needs and your services. Please direct all offers of assistance for environmental education, technology and administrative assistance to

Environmental Education:

  • Developing curriculum and materials
  • Presenting talks and activities to new audiences

Technological assistance:

  • GIS analysis
  • Statistical Support
  • Computer maintenance (Psions, PC’s and Macintosh)
  • Computer programming (to assist in data analysis)
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Video editing for educational videos

Nonprofit assistance:

  • Accounting
  • Legal Counsel
  • Fundraising

Data Entry assistance:

Learning the coding system is a long and arduous process, so volunteers for this task should be willing to commit to a large amount of time.

Become a Field Assistant:

Learn more about our field internship positions here.
People interested in volunteering their time to improve the quality of the database for this UCLA-based research project should contact Susan Perry